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GridHIKER Development Information
Developed using C#. Tested on Holux GPSmile 60 with Windows Mobile 2003SE Version 4.21.1088

Known problems:
1. After installation Pocket displays message "This software was created for previous version of Windows Mobile" or something like that. Just close this message. If you find it causes something wrong mail me.

2. GridHIKER was tested on screen 320x240. Should be ok on 640x480 and 240x240. Will not display correctly on smaller resolutions. I would fix corect displaying for smaller resolution when I develope Java version. No promises.

Added "no stylus" functionality. So it works on Smartphones now. You could choose Image Buttons on main screen even in previous version. Now you can operate by navigation pad in dialog boxes.

Up, Down - selecting values in combo boxes.
Right, Left - move to next (previous) Control (text box or combo).
Enter - close dialog accepting entered data.

1. No input data doesn't break the input data receiving. GridHIKER waits for data as long as user wish. (thanks to Zoller).

2. High resolution (640x480) displaying fixed. Checked on 3,5" Dell Axim x51v. (thanks to Juan).

If you use GridHIKER on high resolution (640x480)
5" screen unit, please send me info how it looks.
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