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BirdGLOBE offers special version of GridHIKER !
This offer is targeted for:

- Cartographic publishers (issuing tourist or topographic maps)
- Government agencies issuing maps

For whom?
Story: When my wife bought Pocket PC I checked my maps for usability with GPS. When a map has geographic lattitude and longitude grid I can use geo coordinates provided by car navigation software. But a lot of maps are issued using other grids. So you (Map Publisher) have to provide information to customers what kind of grid it is and how they should set their GPS units to use GPS coordinates. It is usualy a description on map margin. Now I understand all kind of grids and settings for them, but at the beginning it was a problem to understand all issues even to me. The problem was propably because information on maps are rather for owners of special traveller GPS units. When you have Pocket PC you have to find correct software first to try use instructions from maps.

I think that when Pocket PC market is growing and similar functionality will grow even in mobile phone sets you can think about providing your customers special software enhancing your map abilities. We can develope and enhance this software especialy for usage with your maps and for your customers. I understand that such software will not be so valuable for customers to spend additional money for it, but it can be valuable for publishers providing
GridHIKER as a smart gift. Customer could download it for free from your web page or you can distribute it on CDs on fairs and so on.
Our offer concerns special version of GridHIKER which doesn't exist yet. It will be developed especially for your publishing house. It can be enhanced for better general functionality fe. we can store longer trace, we can store more Place Points and so on. But it can be enhanced to adjust functionality to your maps fe. grid can be changed to color an style used on your maps, we can add additional grid system (other than geo or UTM WGS84) so your customer wouldn't need to study special settings. We can develop software so you could advice your customer just to install GridHIKER and choose map he is using. In such case customer don't need to know anything about UTM, Datums, false easting and so on. We can try to create software displaying grid corresponding to particular map grid (even if paper map grid is just for description reference not for GPS navigation).

What developed software can consists:
- Name you created. GridHIKER name and copyrights would be just on About dialog.
- Your logo at the background or anyware you wish.
- Your adverts and web links.
- List of your maps with switching view especialy for choosen map.
- Grid system you use in your maps even if your grid doesn't reflect any known system.
- Grid lines color and style relflecting your paper map lines
- Scale and style of grid reflecting paper map scale. Fe. if your map uses grid lines every 1/2km we add it.
- Some solid points/marks simplyfying customer to find his position on map.
- Small pictures of interesting places for simplyfiying navigation when sightseeing. Not to many - not to raise competition for paper maps but who knows?

General enhancement:
- Longer trace passed.
- More points for user settings.
- Display of altitude.
- Counting of road passed.
- Distance counting.
- Light thru feature: Pocket PC with maximum brightness placed under paper map, displaying current rectangle and position point in big contrast to show position as light point from beneeth the map.
- World sites orientation according to sun or moon.

I offer you special version of GridHIKER for quite low monthly payment (comparable to unemployment relief in your region). For such price you will get the right to distribute your special version for time you are paying (at least half year).
How much?
Please send a mail to address:


or call me:

+48 605 63 18 21

Grzegorz Grzelak

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